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  1. Define sprinkler. sprinkler synonyms, sprinkler pronunciation, sprinkler translation, English dictionary definition of sprinkler. n. 1. One that sprinkles, especially: a. An outlet on a sprinkler system. b. A device with perforations through which water issues from a hose to sprinkle a.
  2. All About Automatic Sprinkler Systems Want to know more about how automatic sprinkler systems work? Tired of dealing with hoses and watering by hand? Looking for helpful watering tips? The videos below will take you through the basics of automatic irrigation -- including how an irrigation system works, the different types of sprinklers and components used in a system, and some key terms and.
  3. In the modern GARDENA Sprinkler range, there is a sprinkler for almost every garden size and shape. Use the filter below to find the right sprinkler for your needs. Circular Sprinklers Quiet and easy-to-handle sprinklers for small up to large areas in the garden. With multifarious settings.
  4. Jul 31,  · Sprinkler is a Food/Water item in Raft.. Summary [edit | edit source]. Researched at the Research frepadribolmifilparimoujucyctatt.coinfo building one, place a sprinkler on the raft to water Grass Plots, which are used to feed animals caught on Large Islands, or Crop frepadribolmifilparimoujucyctatt.coinfo a three-by-three area. One spot left, right, and on top of the sprinkler and three-by-two in the direction of the sprinkler frepadribolmifilparimoujucyctatt.coinfo: Raft Wiki.
  5. A fire sprinkler or sprinkler head is the component of a fire sprinkler system that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded. Fire sprinklers are extensively used worldwide, with over 40 million sprinkler heads fitted each year. In buildings protected by properly designed and maintained fire sprinklers, over 99%.
  6. A pop-up sprinkler head's height is measured by how high it pops up out of the ground and not by the height of the entire casing. Make sure the sprinkler you are ordering is the correct height. GREEN TIPS. Don't worry, drip systems confuse most people. There are so many options to choose from. What is the best way to do it?
  7. Sprinkler playmats and smaller inflatable options can cost as little as $5 to $ While these can still provide fantastic fun for little ones, they typically aren’t the most durable. Mid-range. More robust playmats, sprinklers with cute designs and extra safety features.
  8. Hinastar Lawn Sprinkler,Automatic Garden Water Sprinkler,Upgrade Degree Rotation Irrigation System with Square Feet Coverage for Yard,Lawn and Garden(36 Units) by Hinastar $ $ .
  9. An irrigation sprinkler (also known as a water sprinkler or simply a sprinkler) is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and other frepadribolmifilparimoujucyctatt.coinfo are also used for cooling and for the control of airborne dust. [citation needed] Sprinkler irrigation is the method of applying water in a controlled manner in way similar to rainfall.

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