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  1. Dec 31,  · The London Times described Daniil Trifonov as “the most amazing young pianist of our time” when he presented his first Rachmaninov recording. On New Year’s Eve , Trifonov played the composer’s Piano Concerto No. 3, regarded by many as the most difficult piano concerto of all time. Simon Rattle also presents Antonín Dvořák’s virtuoso Slavonic .
  2. Hall of Fame The platform to shine. Hall of Fame. setting the high standards for the world to see. With our growing popularity and support from various leading musicians and musical institutions to YouTube sensations, every Con Brio candidate will have the pathway to showcase themselves to the world. Bartok Viola Concerto 1st movement.
  3. Apr 02,  · Hummel's Concertino Op. 73 is written for strings, 1 flute, 2 oboes, 2 horns and 1 bassoon. It's an unqualified delight! I sure don't love this performance on YouTube—it omits the introductory tutti from the first movement, the tempi are rushed, the soloist's touch lacks delicacy—but it seems to be the only one available there.
  4. Aug 01,  · Piano Concerto- Schumann 4. Piano Concerto No. 3- Rachmaninov 5. Piano Concerto- Grieg but I'd rather have a concerto movement that starts in a commonly used key that is more harmonically adventurous--like the first movement of K where you have passages in F sharp major-- than something that starts in an "exotic" key but stays closer to.
  5. Piano Concerto no. 3 in D minor, op. 30 (movement) (track 1) Star Wars Holiday Special (track 8) Symphony no. 3 in C minor “avec orgue”, op. 78 (track 7).
  6. 3 Piano Concerto No. 21, C Major, K. 4 Piano Concerto No. 1, D Minor 5 Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings 6 Piano Concerto No. 3, E Major 7 Piano Concerto No. 1. B-Flat Minor, Op. 23 8 Piano Concerto in G Major 9 Piano Concerto No. 2, C Minor, Op.
  7. The first sketches go back to -- after he'd composed the B flat Piano Concerto (published as No. 2), but before composition of the C major Concerto (in , published as No. 1). Although Beethoven played the first performance of No. 3 in from a short score -- no one was going to steal it from him! -- he'd actually completed the music.
  8. Brahms’ Piano Concerto No Brahms wrote his first piano concerto in Just over two decades later, he completed his second piano and gave the premiere of the work himself in Budapest in It’s one of the longest concertos ever written – although the composer wryly called it a “tiny, tiny piano concerto”.

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