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  1. Durban Poison cannabis strain is a pure Sativa from South Africa. She is named after the port city of Durban - Africa's busiest port. Durban Poison is very powerful and potent, with glittering and sticky buds blessed with a lemon and aniseed flavour. Novice smokers should be careful with this one. It can treat depression, stress and appetite frepadribolmifilparimoujucyctatt.coinfo for morning or daytime use.
  2. Durban Poison originally entered Holland from South Africa during the s as a pure sativa strain. However, during numerous generations of adapting to the outdoor conditions of northern Europe some indica genetics from an unknown source have managed to combine with it. This influence is displayed in some wide, early leaf growth although by the end of its life-cycle it will appear to be a.
  3. Apr 18,  · The variety most know as Durban Poison has taken a circuitous route to its modern incarnation. Buffered by oceans and fronted by golden beaches, the South African city of Durban is a subtropical paradise in an area of the continent that has been .

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